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Claremont Creative is a graphic design studio in San Francisco, California. We specialize in print and digital designs that help people, organizations, and businesses communicate and grow. We provide personalized design services including graphic and logo design, web design and development, SEO (search engine optimization), and printing services.

Graphic Design & Identity

Do you need a new or refreshed brochure, invitation, or business card? If it comes off a press, Claremont Creative can design it for you. Your identity will come first and it’s much more than a logo. After all, it is the foundation for all of your communications.

Web Design & Development

Is your website stuck in the 90's or do you just need a new one? Claremont Creative designs digital graphics and websites that are search-engine optimized (SEO), responsive, and customized for you and your budget.

Sports/Action Photography

Got a tournament or special sporting event? We photograph sports and other events, focusing exclusively on a specific person, or on just the action. In addition, we take team and individual portraits at your convenience with on-site or next-day photo production, depending on the location.


Welcome to Claremont Creative! My name is Wil Bucoy, a native San Franciscan, and the founder of Claremont Creative. I started Claremont Creative after years of designing and creating unique gifts and invitations for community organizations, my children, friends, and family.

I studied graphic design and creative writing in college and trained in letterpress printing and leather bookbinding at the Center for the Book in San Francisco. In my previous life, I was a system administrator and web engineer for several large, international companies. When the tech bubble popped, I took the opportunity to pursue my passions.

My design influences include Ed Fella, Art Deco, and the suburban 60s - like drive-ins and soda fountains. I also love vintage and antique type, such as Stempel Garamond, as well as modern, digital type such as those created and published by Emigre.

What drives me are challenges. The engineer in me sees a communication or identity problem and tries to solve it. The problem can be as simple as "who am I?" and be as complicated as "who am I?" - that was deliberate!

When working with clients, communication is key. My goal is to design a polished solution, ready for digital and print media that conveys my clients' and their story. Every client is different and part of my job is to understand who they are so that the finished product portays them in the best possible light.

I'm not happy unless my clients are happy.

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